About Us

Company Details

Quinn Direct LTD - Trading As Ezee Liquids
16 Walker Street
Greater Manchester
M34 3LH

Company Number: 09289430
VAT Number: GB238927861  

How We Got Started

Ezee Liquids was established as a specialist UK company to provide a product that offered exceptional purity directly to you the customer with no middle men such as wholesalers and retailers to inflate the price you pay. Buying directly from us, we are able to offer you a premium product that has not been compromised by the low prices we offer. 
Many suppliers are 'home-run' ventures or small-scale businesses that import crudely flavoured and untested e-liquids from the cheapest producer. Considering e-liquids are something you inhale and consume, it pays to buy the best quality where your safety and health are concerned. Ezee liquids products are precisely formulated using only the highest quality ingredients and natural flavourings, uniquely blended for the Ezee Liquid brand; they are tested to certify purity and consistency. Very few companies have the capability to produce the same 'exclusive' blends that we offer and we genuinely believe our prices and free shipping policy is unbeatable!